SocialGest ambassador program

SocialGest ambassador program seeks experts in social media and digital marketing. We want them to become agents of what we call #TheGoodSocialMedia and that collaborating with us we can find new and exciting ways to give our tools to the their community.

SocialGest’s ambassadors are part of our family, always ready to collaborate and spread the word about us. SocialGest grows thanks to their knowledge and constant feedback.

This is a program for those that love digital marketing. Being a SocialGest ambassador gives you the opportunity:

  • Promote SocialGest products and services
  • Acces to all our features.
  • Being a loyal user.
  • Represent the brand.
  • Share SocialGest info in classes, forums, workshops, interviews, social media, blog and other medius.
  • Offer a SocialGest discount coupon to your community.
  • Be part of our ambassadors community for sharing information with others ambassadors.
  • Get pusblished in our blog.
  • Be part of our events.
  • Beta test new versions of our product before they become available.
  • You can add the title of SocialGest’s Ambassadors to your resume and communication channels.
  • Send your personal profiles and portafolio to applicate to be a SocialGest ambassador.
    [email protected]

    SocialGest reserves the right to terminate the agreement at anytime.

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