Download PDF reports in seconds

Download PDF reports in seconds

Download your analytics reports, they are easy to understand and you can edit in seconds with SocialGest PRO plans

Create and export custom PDF reports to know your followers behavior and which content has a better social media performance.

Metrics generated in 3, 2, 1

Share easily with your team leaders, colleagues or clients. Get your simple and easy to understand reports on SocialGest’s analytics module in just 3 steps:

Identify your download with a description.
Custom your PDF report.
Get your report in seconds.


This analysis product is custom made for your digital strategies since the beginning. From dates and language selection until a complete section dedicated to select the download format you prefer.


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Which metrics can I select on the downloaded PDF report?

Your social media accounts summary.
Benchmark of your monthly growth.
Demographic data about your followers.
Full data from your Stories.
Your posts impressions, reach and engagement.
Best date and hours to connect with your audience picked by active users.

PRO Plans

Exclusive library for your reports

Organize your reports by social media account, customers, dates and detailed description on your SocialGest analytics reports library.
Ready to be downloaded any time with just a click.

Downloadable metrics reports in one single click

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