Social Inbox

The social media conversation in one dashboard, more comfortable to make teamwork more efficient.

*Requires the hiring of a "Social Media" plan for activation

Manage comments and messages from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (comments) and Linkedin for the best customer social service.

  • Receive comments and messages in real time.
  • Filter, respond and close conversations; to better control your social talking.
  • The conversations are stored for later control.
  • Attach data and notes in each conversation.
  • Review previous conversations.

Social Customer Care metrics Comming Soon!

  • Service level and attention of your conversations.
  • Business intelligence based on contact and closure reasons.
  • Record and download conversations for study.
  • Metrics of conversation by channel, time demand and more.
  • Classification by feeling.
  • Downloadable reports.

The social customer care is work for a team

Assign the conversation work to individual team members. With real time monitoring of every conversation members can talk to each other giving tips or supervising. Every conversation has a responsible team member. Convert the social customer care of the brand in a more friendly process.

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