SocialGest® Ambassadors

En SocialGest tenemos como principio hacer #BuenSocialMedia, creemos fielmente en que la preparación y la experiencia van de la mano. Es por ello que nuestros embajadores se caracterizan por ser expertos en redes sociales y marketing digital.

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Their purpose is to offer valuable information about social media and support with the training of new professionals and digital entrepreneurs, taking SocialGest hand in hand in their activities as a solution in social media management.

Being a SocialGest ambassador you will have the opportunity to:

Promote Social Gest products and services.

Access all the functionalities of the platform.

Represent the brand from anywhere around the world.

Promote the use of SocialGest through your events, social networks, forums, courses, interviews, blogs and other channels.

Offer a free period of the tool to your community.

Exchange valuable information with other ambassadors.

Collaborate on our blog.

Participate in our activities: events, Instagram lives, webinars and much more.

Our doors are open to all those professionals who want to do Great Social Media with us.

If you have any questions or requests

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