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What is ItsMyBio?

It is a new tool from SocialGest that lets you set up a personalized landing page for your Instagram bio link. In this landing page you can add personal info, personalized links and a portfolio area for Instagram posts.

How do I start using it?

“It’s my bio” is a free SocialGest feature. To start using it, you just have to sign up to the Free plan which includes 1 custom “It’s my bio” link.

How will my “Its my bio” look like?

In this link you can find an example of Its my bio:
Amelia Jones It´smy.Bio

I want to personalize more my existing “Its my bio”?

Currently it’s only possible to personalize your personal info, social media links, add up to 3 free links and up to 6 Instagram posts portafolio. Soon another option will be available for an extra cost.

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